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Catfighting FAQ

Got a question about "Catfighting"? Then let us help! We're the female erotic wrestling and grappling center and we know cat fighting! Let us guide you into the scorching world of girl on girl catfight action!

Is All Catfighting Sexual In Nature?

Yes! How could anybody watch two or more women locked in sweaty combat, often nude or in bikinis, pantyhose and lingerie or other revealing outfits and not get sexually aroused? The girls themselves will tell you that it's a sexual dominance thing, and many times a hot female wrestling match (either pro or amateur) will lead to some furious girl on girl lesbian passion! It's no secret that after some sizzling catfights, the locker room or shower is the place for many a female wrestler's tryst. And even though many girls resort to hair pulling and vicious belly punching, they still find it erotic and arousing!

How Old Are Most Cat Fighting Females?

All ages. Many girls start fighting and wrestling when they're little and it just continues throughout their life. How many times have you heard of teen girls catfighting at some party or sleep over? And as women get older, they also get more aggressive (both sexually and mentally), so it's not surprising to see MILF wrestling or cat fighting bouts these days.

What About "Wrestling Sluts"?

The term "wrestling sluts" is just another slang for women that like erotic grappling and wrestling with each other or even men. When a male is involved, it's usually called "erotic mixed wrestling" and don't kid yourself, many of these fit females can kick ass on ANY man as shown in their bouts. Frequently the man is dragged into the ring by a female wrestler after she's heard him making disparaging remarks about her to other's in the crowd. And you can BET the crowd LOVES seeing some loud mouth braggart get his at the hands of a so-called "wrestling slut"!

Do Catfight Babes Also Do Muscle Porn?

Often. Many women and girls in fitness and fighting also compete as amateur and professional female bodybuilders. And as it takes a lot of time and money to train long hours and compete around the world, they have to do "muscle porn" to make ends meet and pay the bills. But don't think they don't love it! Being in tip top physical shape makes a girl extra horny and more than willing to show off her naked muscles. And why not? They've worked long and hard to achieve physical perfection, so why not share it with their eager fans and admirers?

Where I Can I See Some Catfighting?

Thanks to the spread of the female fighting erotica on the web today, there are many great sites for ADULTS to explore. A few extra-special ones we might recommend are the following: For hot young girls fighting let us suggest thong bikini fights and Queening catfights for starters. Fans into older and more physically developed catfight bouts might enjoy muscle wrestlers and probably vintage female wrestling too. Those interested in harder and more amateur girl fighting will love street fight girls and most likely shocking girl fights no doubt. Entertaining for those interested in 24/7 catfight movies and VOD ("video on demand"), there is no better place we can suggest than the aptly named Erotic Wrestling Channel, a must-stop for fans of fighting females!

And finally, there are a couple of excellent blogs devoted to cat fighting and women's wrestling, those being Catfighting Wildcats and Top Female Wrestling both offering personal comments and thoughts on the subject as well as a wealth of rare and hard-to-find catfighting erotica for the interested adult.

Feel free to explore them all and let us THANK YOU for your support of female fighting and erotic wrestling sports!

Catfight Babes, Wrestling Sluts, Cat Fighting Females And Muscle Porn!

A few of our supporters and fan sites that offer more cat fight and muscle erotica are Battle Sluts and Top Female Bodybuilders plus Sexy Queening.